Icy fevers

It was the coldest night I’d ever experienced. The air bit my cheeks as soon as I sat foot outside of the trailer. The only thing I could see, in the darkness ahead of me, was the light coming out of the windows of the stables. I followed the footprints which I had made the night before. The snow had hardened, and I had to walk carefully so I wouldn’t trip.

The stench of horse manure surrounded me as soon as I set foot inside. It was a familiar smell. A scent that my nose had grown accustomed to. A gentle sensation danced around my heart and made me feel at ease. I served the two horses their hay and sat down to watch them eat. They started feasting right away, and the vapor, coming out of their nostrils, made them look like dragons. I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore.

Suddenly, it hit me how quiet it was. The farm was located in a desolated place, so there wasn’t anything unusual about that, but it seemed like the cold ”amplified” the silence. I sat completely still. The horses stopped chewing and looked up. It got so silent that my ears started buzzing. I felt like my insides were slipping through my skin and becoming part of everything around me. Like I was being turned inside out. The horses looked like statues, frozen in time, and I wondered if I could move my body if I tried. I didn’t try to find out. because I didn’t want to break the spell.

The crunching sound of hay, between horse teeth, pulled me back to reality. One after the other had started eating again. I looked down at my hands and wiggled my fingers, slightly. They didn’t feel like my own, but I didn’t mind. I watched them finish their meals.

With nimble feet, I walked back to the trailer. The warmth, which greeted me inside, de-frosted my red cheeks. I only removed my shoes, before I threw myself onto the bed, and fell asleep. Peacefully.

5.07 am

5.07 am

http://tystna.tumblr.comI was on the moon today

I was on the moon today